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«Delivering The Smart City»


«But of course, technological capability is only one part of the answer and is interwoven within layers of complexity. City governments are faced with the challenge of exploring the economic return in smart city investment, the business models, the value that it brings to citizens and the role that they should play within an ecosystem of delivery partners and stakeholders. They must decipher funding options, measurement and reporting regimes and the implications for their organisational structure, operational requirements and responsibilities. On top of this, they must understand how these investments align to existing local and national political priorities and strategies. This is not trivial. 


The Day Before Tomorrow. Episode 3 «Smart Cities»


«As cities continue to grow, it puts more pressure on the existing infrastructure. We take a look at how people are using technology to intelligently manage resources, change people’s behaviour and create a more pleasant environment. And how the answer may not even be about cities at all.» (The Drum)


Seven critiques of Smart Cities by @RobKitchin



Notas al vuelo sobre la jornada “El Futuro de las Ciudades” #Inspiring_day by @tecnalia.


Madrid, 8 de octubre de 2014. Auditorio Rafael del Pino.

No esta todo ni ha sido mi pretensión, pero si algunas ideas de lo comentado por los distintos ponentes que han pasado por la jornada. Sirvan para que cada uno se cocine sus propias reflexiones. Buen provecho.


CITIES of Tomorrow: Investing in Europe (#Storify)

You missed the EU CITIES conference? Here is a summary of the intense two days conversations!!