Sustainability consultancy in the local level in Spain

As a consultant I pledge my commitment to strengthen trusted-based relations with customers through networking and under an open company framework beyond contract compromises

Sustainable consultancy with a different approach.

I have been working more than 11 years as a consultant for sustainability projects at municipality and regional level.

At first I focused my professional skills on environmental issues and lately I specialized in studies related to sustainable development and territorial governance.

My working area is mainly related to the improvement of the public space: strategic planning, administrative management of the territory, public participation or open government, access to co-funded EU projects and their management, or the incorporation of new information and communication technologies for the public management.

Carlos Canet Yuste

From my point of view consultancy is based on an open collaboration with professional networks, learning through trial and error, enjoying each challenge and opting for relations based on trust between professionals/customers beyond the contract relationship.

After my experience as Director in the Local Development Area at Mediterranean Institute for Sustainable Development (Imedes)  I am currently working as a freelance consultant while being also partner of diverse entrepreneurships.


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